Customer represents and warrants the following:

A) Any and all CNAM information sent to InPhonex by Customer or any of Customer’s users is accurate and corresponds to the names and telephone numbers of individuals and businesses that Customer or its users is legally authorized to use.

B) Any Caller ID with name information sent to InPhonex shall be a number and/or name that the Customer or its user owns, or otherwise has explicit permission to use.

C) Customer shall represent and warrant that this is an actual, working telephone number that will be answered by Customer, its user, or its representatives in the case that the called party wishes to return the call.

If it is brought to the attention of InPhonex at any time that Customer or any of its users is not adhering to the letter and spirit of this process, InPhonex reserves the unrestricted right to suspend the Caller ID with name feature for Customer or any or all of its users temporarily or permanently,  InPhonex also reserves the right to cancel any DID number and/or account.

Customer and its users make use of the Caller ID with name feature at their own risk.  InPhonex is not responsible nor will be held liable for any malfunction of said feature.
Customer and its users will indemnify and hold harmless InPhonex for any accidental or deliberate misuse of said feature by Customer or any of its users.

If any authorized entity contacts InPhonex with a request for information concerning Customer’s or its users’ use of the Caller ID with name feature, InPhonex will, without notice or notification, make subscriber information and call detail records available to the authorized entity.