InPhonex - Affiliate Program

How much do you pay for each sale?

InPhonex pays our affiliates 10% of the total sale for each sale they bring in.

When do you pay your affiliates?

InPhonex Affiliates are paid on the 15th of every month when their account balance reaches $50 or more.

What is your payout threshold?

InPhonex affiliates are paid when their commission balance reaches $50 or more.

Do you offer recurring commissions?

No, we do not offer recurring commissions. Affiliates are paid once for each sale they bring in.

Do you offer a one tier or two tier program?

The InPhonex Affiliate Program is a two-tier system. That means you can recruit your own affiliates and get paid a commission on all their sales too.

What is your second tier payout?

Second tier affiliates are paid 10% of every sale they bring in.

How much do I make on my second tier affiliates?

If you have affiliates that joined under you (second tier affiliates), you will be paid 10% of their commission. For example, if the second tier affiliate's sale was $100, he will receive a $10 commission (10% of $100). The first tier affiliate (you) will receive a $2 commission (20% of $10).

What format do you pay your affiliates?

InPhonex affiliates are paid by check on the 15th of every month when your balance reaches $50 or more.

What currency do you pay with?

InPhonex affiliates are paid in US dollars. All sales on the InPhonex website are made in US dollars.

Do I receive a bonus for signing up?

Yes! All new InPhonex Affiliates receive a $5 bonus in their account when they sign up with us.

How do I log in to my account?

Visit and enter your username and password in the "Affiliate Login" box.

I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is?

If you have forgotten your Affiliate password, you can retrieve it by filling out the form on this page:

Where do I find marketing material for my website?

When you are logged into your Affiliate account, you will find links to our banners, text ads and more under "Marketing Material" on the left navigation menu.

How do I add a banner to my website?

Log into your account and find the banner or text ad that you would like to add to your website. Right below it there will be a box titled "Source Code - Copy/Paste Into Your Website". Copy the entire code in that box to your website where you would like the banner or ad to appear. Once completed, test your link to make sure it works.

How do I sign up my own subaffiliates?

Tier Signup Crediting is already active in your standard Affiliate links. This means that if someone follows one of your Affiliate links to our site and decides to become an InPhonex Affiliate, they will automatically become a subaffiliate of yours. No special linking code is required.

How does your client tracking system work?

The InPhonex Affiliate program uses cookies to track affiliate customers. Tracking cookies last for 90 days so even if your customer does not purchase on their first visit, you can still receive a commission if they revisit our site and make a purchase within 90 days.

How can I email someone about your services?

When logged into your account, click on "Email Friends & Associates" from the left hand navigation menu. That will bring you to an form where you can email up to 3 people at a time. Your emails will automatically contain a link to our site with your affiliate code so you will receive a commission on any purchase they might make.

Where can I see how many sales I've made?

When logged into your account, click on "Current Commissions" from the "Commissions" top navigation menu. That will show you a list of all your commissions, the dates, amounts and other details.

What are custom tracking links?

If you wish to use a custom landing page for your customers or tag your incoming links with keywords to use later in reporting, then you will need to create a custom link. There are two types of custom links offered: Sub-Affiliate Tracking Links and Alternate Incoming Page Links. They can be found on the left hand navigation menu. More information about custom links can be found in the Custom Links Tutorial.

Where can I see a complete list of the traffic I've sent to InPhonex.

When logged into your Affiliate account, click on "Traffic Log" from the top navigation menu. There you can see the Incoming Traffic Details of your customers.

One of my banner links does not work. Why?

Only link code from current campaigns will generate a valid link to our site. If you are using a link code from an old campaign that has been discontinued, your links will not work. Although InPhonex Affiliates are notified via email and online notices when a Marketing Campaign is discontinued, we recommend checking your links periodically to make sure they work.

Can I create my own banners or links?

Yes! Just use the Standard Linking code found at the top of your Affiliate account homepage to link your banners or text ads to our site. Custom Links can also be created if you wish to direct traffic to a custom landing page. See our Custom Links Tutorial for more information.