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Configuration Options (Sipura 3000)


Configuration Options


  1. How can I determine the IP address of my adapter? Dial **** at the voice prompt dial 110#
  2. My IP address is why? Your adapter is configured for DHCP and it can not find it in your network.
  3. How can I check if DHCP is enabled in my SPA3000? Dial **** at the voice prompt dial 100#
  4. I want to configure my ip address manually, how can I do this? Dial **** at the voice prompt dial 111# enter the IP address in the following format using your own IP address 192*168*001*002#. To check you entered the correct IP dial **** then 110#. You will also need to configure the subnet mask. Dial **** then 121# enter subnet mask in the following format: 255*255*255*0# to check your subnet mask enter 120#
  5. Where can I find the online configuration guide for mySPA3000?
  6. What is the bandwidth requirement for my adapter? Bandwidth usage depends on the audio codec being used. For best voice quality, the audio codec should be G711 (by default). The estimated bandwidth requirement is shown below for 1 channel usage G711 ~ 64Kbps (can be 90Kbps with overhead), G729 ~ 24Kbps.
  7. Why does my adapter ring periodically? This means that you have a voice mail. By default the adapter rings periodically to indicate that you have a voice mail. If you want to turn this off, go to the user setting and set "VMWI Ring Splash len" to 0.
  8. I lost my password. How can I reset my adapter? You can reset your adapter to factory default values by unplugging your Ethernet cable, access voice menu (****) and press 73738# login with "user" when accessing to http:/ip-address, and login with "admin" when accessing http://ip-address/admin/ Please note that resetting your unit will erase all the configuration settings.
  9. I cannot access the voice menu after pressing **** What do I do? Please unplug your ethernet cable, and try accessing the IVR again. If this works, then it means that there is a mis-configuration in your network setting. Perhaps your gateway IP address or DNS is wrong/unreachable; Please check.
  10. If the SPA lost power, will Line1 automatically use the PSTN line attached to the FXO? Yes, and when power comes back on, the SPA will let the Line 1 user continue with any in-progress calls to the PSTN. After the Line 1 user hangs up, the SPA will restore the Line 1 phone to use the VoIP service.
  11. Whenever the SPA-3000 powers on, I heard a click sound. Why? This is normal. During initial power up, the Phone 1 port is electrically connected to the PSTN port. When the SPA detects that the PSTN port is not in use, it flips an internal electrical relay so that Phone 1 port will connect to VoIP service. The sound occurs when the internal relay flips over.
  12. How do I restrict the use of my VoIP gateway by PSTN callers with a PIN? Under FXO tab, set PSTN Caller Auth Method = PIN PSTN Caller 1-8 Pin = < PIN number > (0-9 only). When a PSTN caller calls, a Beep tone (PSTN PIN TONE) will play continuously to prompt the caller to enter the PIN number (followed by the # key). If PIN is wrong, the PIN tone will restart and the caller can re-enter the PIN again. He can retry the PIN up to 3 times. If PIN digit times out or the PIN tone expires, or 3 retries are used up, the SPA plays the reorder tone. The caller must hang up to try again. If the PIN is accepted, the caller hears a regular dial tone where he can dial the desired VoIP number
  13. How do I restrict PSTN callers to call only certain VoIP numbers? Each PIN has an associated dial plan to limit the VoIP numbers that can be dialed by corresponding PSTN callers. If PIN authentication is not used, then the dial plan < PSTN Caller Default DP > applies.
  14. Can I forward callers to my Line 1 VoIP number to my cell phone? Yes. Set up is similar to that in A8, but include a phone number, such as Cfwd All Dest = 14089991234@gw0 Note: This feature is transparent to the VoIP caller; he won't be challenged to enter a PIN and no authentication will apply regardless the setting of the VoIP Caller Auth Method.
  15. How can I forward all PSTN callers to a VN number? This configuration can be used for calling card gateways dialing 8600. You can use specify a dial plan to be used by the default PSTN caller with a hot line syntax: (S0< :VN_number >) where voip_number is replaced with the actual phone number (or sip url) of the VN destination.

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