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InPhonex Provides 911
Because Your Safety Is Important

In case of emergency InPhonex supports 911 dialing.
DIal 911 only in case of emergency.

How it Works

  • To configure your account for 911 dialing, login to your Control Panel.


Non-Availability of Traditional 911 or E911 Service.
END USER MUST MAINTAIN AN ALTERNATE MEANS OF REQUESTING EMERGENCY SERVICES. END USER acknowledges and understands that COMPANY does NOT support traditional 911 and E911 access to emergency services. The limited emergency response service provided by us differs in a number of important ways from traditional 911 and E911 as explained further below. END USER must maintain an alternate means of accessing traditional emergency response services.

END USER acknowledges and understands that our 911 Service cannot be used in conjunction with a Soft Phone or non-interconnected Virtual Numbers (virtual numbers not associated with a DID and therefore cannot receive calls from a PSTN line). Our 911 Service is not automatic; END USER must separately take affirmative steps, as described in this Agreement and on our website, to register the address where END USER will use the Services in order to activate the 911 feature. END USER must do this for each interconnected virtual number that END USER obtains. The 911 Service is different in a number of important ways from traditional 911 or E911 service as described on our website page for E911 Service and below. END USER shall inform any household residents, guests and other third persons who may be present at the physical location where END USER utilize the Service of (i) the non-availability of traditional 911 or E911, and (ii) the important differences in and limitations of the our 911 service as compared with traditional 911 or E911 Service. The documentation that accompanies each Device that END USER purchase should include a sticker concerning the potential non-availability of traditional 911 or E911 Service (the "911 Sticker"). It is your responsibility, in accordance with the instructions that accompany each Device, to place the 911 Sticker on each Device that END USER use with the Service. If END USER did not receive a 911 Sticker with your Device, or END USER require additional 911 Stickers, please contact our customer care department.


Note: Test calls and non-emergency calls should not be placed to 911 as per federal regulations.  InPhonex imposes a $25.00 fee for non-emergency calls to 911. 



  • 911 calls require configuration.
  • 911 and InPhonex service will not operate during power failure or without Internet connection.

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Our Home Phone Service includes Internet phones with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans. We offer prepaid phone service and International DID numbers using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops, telemarketing firms and cyber cafes. InPhonex is proud to support Internet telephony equipment (IP Phones) including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other SIP phone adaptors. We also support Asterisk PBX, Trixbox and offer turn-key VoIP Reseller business opportunities to let entrepreneurs and businesses resell voice over Internet (VoIP) under their brand name.

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