Our Team

KOOI LIM - Chief Executive Officer

Kooi is an entrepreneur that has built three outstanding technology based businesses in computer parts, Internet services and telephony. Originally from Malaysia, Kooi completed his formal studies in Canada and the United States. He holds a B.Sc. in Finance and M.B.A from Southern Illinois University.


DEAN HARRIS - Chief Marketing Officer

Dean had some success as the CMO of Vonage where he grew the subscriber base from 3,000 to 1,450,000 lines and won the BrandWeek Marketer of the Year award. He also has served as the CMO of Kayak, kgb, and BlueCava and the SVP (Head of Marketing) for HotJobs. Dean has an M.B.A, and M.I.A. from Columbia plus a B.A. from Carleton.


BILL NESBITT - Platform Architect

Bill was the founder and architect for Hiway Technologies, a hugely profitable web hosting company that was sold to Verio. He delights in creating platforms that perform at scale and work seamlessly around the globe.


SILVANO GIRARDI Jr. - Chief Technology Officer

Silvano has 10+ years developing and coordinating development of systems and software platforms. He is a young talent from Brazil and has a US equivalent of a B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems.


Felipe Godoy - Senior Director of Customer Care

Felipe has more than 12 years of customer care experience. Customer happiness is his number one priority.