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March 19,2015

Our Channel Partners are attending one of the biggest shows in Telecommunications (VoIP) promoting INPHONEX and RingByName in Las Vegas this week:

INPHONEX and RingByName are the leading telecommunications VoIP service. We offer a cloud based PBX business phone system with many advanced features that can help your clients enhance their business communication needs.

Our Partner Program is designed to give you a jump start into the rapidly growing cloud services and SaaS market. The program offers VARs, system integrators, telecom agents, interconnects, and IT consultants, an opportunity to diversify your business, increase profits with a cloud-based, business phone solution with an integrated CRM tool and mobile phone application.

Our programs allow partners to start marketing and selling RingByName quickly and for an upfront investment of as little as $0. Our innovative telephony solutions require no upfront investment of money and deliver the flexibility for partners to sell RingByName to their clients at a significant discount.

To learn more about all the great things in our Channel Partners Program please visit:

Or Call our Channel Sales Manager

Rod McCree: 305-400-4684



TMC.netSeptember 29, 2011

InPhonex Talks About Unified Communications and Challenges for Hosted Service Providers

TMCnet got the chance to speak to Internet telephony service provider InPhonex at the recent IT Expo West 2011 in Austin, TX. The company recently launched its innovative Televate solution, and CMO Matt Bramson spoke to TMCnet Managing Editor Stefanie Mosca about the company and the unified communications space..  READ FULL ARTICLE >



September 26, 2011

TMC Interview with Matt Bramson, CMO at ITExpo 2011




Computer Dealer News March 21, 2011

Vendor launches cloud-based telephony system for SMBs

With the release of Televate, its cloud-based telephony system, InPhonex is seeking Canadian partners to help deliver the solution and is offering them “significant revenue opportunities,” its chief marketing officer, Matt Bramson said. InPhonex's go-to-market is approximately 85 per cent channel and 15 per cent direct, Bramson said. With a network of roughly 3,500 channel partners, including about 100 in Canada, the company currently serves over a quarter million end-users with its solutions, and is headquartered in Miami. With the launch of Televate Bramson said the company is looking for more channel partners. READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netMarch 17, 2011

Why Don't More Companies Emulate Apple?

Everybody knows Apple has been a fabulously successful company because of its obsession with customer experience. But because the obsession with ease of use and quality of experience is no secret, why don't more companies act as Apple does? You can probably come up a long list of reasons. Some might say that most companies really are not obsessive about customer experience, no matter what they say. One might argue that even where such intentions exist, someplace within the company, internal squabbles and disputes prevent the entire organization from insisting on ease of use and user experience. One might argue that few firms are lead by somebody with the authority, respect and power to pursue that vision completely and fully.  READ FULL ARTICLE >



InformationWeekMarch 16, 2011

InPhonex Intros Cloud Telephony For SMBs

Televate adds CRM and mobile apps to traditional PBX and interactive voice response functions in a single hosted platform geared for small offices.

InPhonex on Wednesday announced Televate, a fully hosted phone system for small businesses that incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) into its user interface.   READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netMarch 15, 2011

Hosted VoIP - InPhonex Launches Televate

Televate, a new cloud-based (hosted) business phone service aimed at organizations up to about 20 people, has been launched by Inphonex. Distinctive about the offering is a deliberate attempt to add value by melding and integrating traditional hosted PBX (News - Alert) , hosted interactive voice response and hosted customer resource management functions tightly within a single offering. READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netMarch 15, 2011

Hosted VoIP - InPhonex and Ringio Form Partnership to Create Televate

InPhonex, a provider of hosted VoIP services on a white label basis, today announced the availability of Televate, a cloud-based telephony system that will combine the functions of a hosted PBX (News - Alert) , hosted IVR, and hosted CRM; based on a collaborative effort between InPhonex and Ringio. READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netFebruary 4, 2011

TMC interview with Matt Bramson, CMO




February 3, 2011

Matt Bramson Speaking on Panel at ITExpo East 2011

Our Matt Bramson, CMO will be speaking on two panels during ITExpo East at Miami Beach Convention Center.

“Transformational Call Center Results: Improving the Customer Experience”
Feb. 4, 2011, 9:00-9:45am EST

“Transformational Call Center Results: Improving the Customer Experience” (CC-01) Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. But, as much as product and service quality lead to satisfied customers, the fact is that issues arise even in the best of scenarios. Businesses must be prepared, which means their contact centers must be properly equipped and management must understand the attributes that contribute to a quality relationship between them and their customers. As they seek to improve their customers’ experiences contact center leaders should be able to address the following, which will all be addressed in this session:

  1. Factors that influence customer satisfaction
  2. Harnessing the relevant data on both sides of the call
  3. Available technology applications
  4. Identifying and replicating patterns of success
  5. Benchmarking functionality
  6. The measurable impact on key performance drivers.


“Achieving Operational Efficiency by Optimizing Service Delivery”
Feb. 4, 2011, 11:00-11:45am EST

IT complexity will continue to grow. It will not get easier to deliver the range of applications and services needed to support the forward progress dynamic organizations need. The service delivery environment will continue to virtualize and transition to all Internet Protocol (IP) with applications, desktops, network, services, storage and other previously independent elements coming together on high-speed IP-based networks.

All of these advances fundamentally change the way in which applications and services are delivered over the modern IP network, including presenting newoperational challenges to meet business and user expectations. Consequently, it will be harder than ever to effectively manage applications and ensure service delivery in light of ever-increasing traffic and its complexity.

Because of the complex nature of how services are delivered over IP networks, organizations need comprehensive, always-on visibility into all traffic, with flexible service and end-user level granularity to best assure service delivery and manage the user experience over IP networks.

This session will educate attendees on how they can optimize network and application performance while simplifying delivery, including strategies for protectingend-user service assurance and troubleshooting service issues proactively.



TMC.netFebruary 1, 2011

InPhonex Offering White-Label Services, Readies New Offers

Companies that want to offer Internet telephony services but don’t want to go to the trouble and investment of building and managing their own networks might want to take a look at InPhonex. The company offers white-label services, and the tools to enable its service provider customers to develop the products, bundles and customized interfaces they want to deliver to their end users. READ FULL ARTICLE >



ITWebFebruary 1, 2011

Cloud funds used as bait

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand can look forward to funds worth 200 000 to 400 000 baht ($6 500 to US$13 000) to adopt cloud computing, according to the deputy director general and CIO, department of industrial promotion, says Future Gov. READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netJanuary 28, 2011

Hosted VoIP - Big Changes in SMB Market Coming in Next 24 Months

"The next 24 months are critical for anybody interested in cloud-based services for small and medium businesses," said Matt Bramson, InPhonex chief marketing officer. Perhaps the obvious trends are the move from TDM to VoIP; ubiquitous broadband; and a shift to the cloud for delivering applications. READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netDecember 30, 2010

Resource Nation Adds Educational Content to

Resource Nation added educational content to its sister site, to help purchasers make informed decisions. Resource Nation connects businesses to pre-screened vendors and is making these efforts to grow READ FULL ARTICLE >



TMC.netOctober 26, 2010

Nuance Picks InPhonex Platform for Speech-Enabled Contact Center Applications

InPhonex, a provider of telephony services, has agreed to supply Nuance Communications (News - Alert) with a high-capacity platform to stress-test its custom speech-enabled contact center applications. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 9, 2010Telecom Reseller VoIP Networks

InPhonex and Ringio seek to grow, improve SMB market

At this week’s ITEXPO , a new partnership between InPhonex and Ringio was announced. The partnership will deliver small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) access to PBX features and functionality previously only available for large enterprises.

In these podcasts Matt Bramson, inPhonex’s Chief Marketing Officer and Ringio’s chairman Michael Zirngibl discusses the partnership and the emerging opportunities in the market. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 8,

Interview with InPhonex

TMC's Erin Harrison speaks with Matt Bramson, CMO, InPhonex




October 07,

InPhonex Aims for Broader Set of Channels, With New Products

“I used to spend a lot of time in the field with sales reps, sitting across the table from a business owner,” Matt Bramson, InPhonex chief sales officer, said recently. “What all of them want is, really.”

That’s a fairly dramatic assessment of the value Ringio can provide a business. So what does Bramson see? READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 7, 2010eWeek

InPhonex, Ringio Partner on Virtual PBX Functionality

The Ringio On InPhonex service has an average cost per user of about $40 per month for unlimited calling.

Telephony services specialist InPhonex and calling services company Ringio announced a partnership to provide small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) with access to private branch exchange (PBX) features and functionality. Both companies introduced the service, Ringio On InPhonex (ROI), at IT Expo in Los Angeles earlier this week. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 5, 2010

ITEXPO West: Monday Evening Musings

There’s quite a bit of news coming from the gold coast as well -- the goings on of ITEXPO (News - Alert) West are happening all around me.

Ringio On InPhonex

A brand new service has been introduced at ITEXPO, called Ringio On InPhonex.

Thanks to a new partnership between InPhonex and Ringio, small- and medium-size businesses will now have access to PBX (News - Alert) features and functionalities. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 4,

InPhonex and Ringio Introduced Virtual PBX Functionality to SMB Market

Small- and medium-size businesses will receive access to PBX features and functionalities - an offer previously available only for large enterprises - thanks to a new partnership between InPhonex and Ringio. Both companies will introduce this new service at ITEXPO, which is held October, 4 to 6, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 4,

Ringio On InPhonex Launches at ITEXPO

According to a InPhonex and Ringio representative, "More than 90 percent of U.S. companies are small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), and forward-thinking service providers are recognizing the limitless opportunities in the SMB market. Meanwhile, telecommunications services consistently rank in the top 3 biggest expenses for SMBs. In light of these factors, InPhonex and Ringio have joined forces to create a service – Ringio On InPhonex (ROI) – that brings SMBs intelligent, virtual PBX features and functionality along with lower telecom costs." They claim Ringio On InPhonex has an average cost per user of about $40 per month for unlimited calling and an end-to-end solution. READ FULL ARTICLE >



October 04, 2010

ITEXPO Exhibitors InPhonex, Ringio Deliver Virtual PBX Functionality to SMB Market

Small- and medium-size businesses will now have access to PBX (News - Alert) features and functionalities - an offer previously available only for large enterprises - due to a new partnership between InPhonex and Ringio. Both companies will introduce this new service at ITEXPO, which is being held Oct. 4 to 6, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. READ FULL ARTICLE >



August 03, 2010

'Us, or A Whole Group' for Voice Services: InPhonex CSO

Recently TMC's CEO Rich Tehrani had a chance to sit down and interview the Chief Sales Officer of InPhonex, Matt Bramson.

The company's seven years old, and according to Bramson, the vision was to create a platform that could be used to create and resell Web services. READ FULL ARTICLE >



July 21,

InPhonex: 'We Are Entering a New Era'

For today’s service providers, there’s no time like the present to invest in lucrative next-generation communications, from video to HD voice.

In turn, there’s no better time to be a company like InPhonex, which is focused on helping service providers create telephony products without having to dig their heels too deeply into telephony. READ FULL ARTICLE >



July 21, 2010

InPhonex Offers the Total Solution for VoIP Services

Miami, Fla.-based InPhonex (News - Alert) is a global carrier providing comprehensive telephony solutions since 2003. The company first made its mark as a creator and reseller of VoIP services. Today, they offer a “total solution” for what Matt Bramson, chief sales officer at InPhonex described as, “a whole new species,” looking to add telephony services but without the burden of hosting and maintaining the services on their own. READ FULL ARTICLE >



July 21,

Juliana Kenny with the TMC Newsroom





July 21,

Inside the Studio Interview with Matt Bramson



February 3, 2009VON | Xchange
Matt Bramson CSO Participates in Panel Discussion at IT Expo 2009

MIAMI BEACH, FL - InPhonex Chief Sales Officer, Matt Bramson was among 6 executives who participated in a panel discussion at this year's Internet Telephony Expo in Miami Beach.
See the full article >



July 1, 2008CRN
VarPhonex Named to List of 6 Emerging VoIP Vendors

(ChannelWeb) - Solution providers interested in a refreshing take on VoIP from young, up-and-coming companies need look no further. The 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list includes six VoIP vendors on the rise.