Why We're Different


Unique Vision

Understanding what makes InPhonex different begins with understanding how we began. Unlike most Internet telephony service providers, InPhonex was not founded primarily to offer services to consumer and business end users. The opportunity that compelled the founding of InPhonex in 2003 was enabling others - service providers, resellers, agents, and entrepreneurs - to create and offer Internet telephony products and services to the marketplace. When the founders of InPhonex looked into the future they saw that thousands of businesses large and small would want - even need - to offer Internet telephony services to consumers and businesses. They were right.

The uniqueness of the founding vision of InPhonex is the core of what makes InPhonex unique today. The platform that was built to realize the founding vision was architected and has been built to deliver maximum power and control both to users and the companies that use our platform to provide services.


Unmatched Breadth

InPhonex, through its four divisions, provides products and services to consumers, businesses large and small, resellers, and service providers. In comparison to other Internet telephony service providers this is usual. Typically businesses like our focus on just one or two of these segments. Why is InPhonex different in this respect? It's simple: because we can be. With the power and flexibility of the InPhonex platform we have been able to create four separate businesses upon it. Many businesses like ours have a platform that is constantly in their way - presenting them with challenges that must be overcome, generally with compromises. Our platform is a strength- it enables us to pursue any opportunities we see.


Experienced, Talented Team

InPhonex was founded by two talented, successful entrepreneurs. Both remain active in the company. Supporting them is a team of people with tremendous experience in telecommunications, IT technology, application development, and customer support.


The Platform

The InPhonex platform - an ingeniously architected union of hardware, software, global interconnections, and people - can support the needs of consumers, businesses, resellers, and service providers. The needs it is designed to satisfy range from the very simple - like allowing a father to make an inexpensive, high-quality international call to his daughter - to the complex - like enabling a service provider to build a telephony business with tens of thousands of users.