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How do I do an alternate proxy setting / How to configure DNS SRV?


How do I do an alternate proxy setting / How to configure DNS SRV?


Use DNS SRV in your DNS zone file!
- You can setup DNS SRV record containing your sip proxies with different priority for each one of them.
A DNS SRV entry looks like: (with sipproxy1 having a higher priority than sipproxy2) SRV 0 1 5060
SRV 1 1 5060

From the SPA, set "Use DNS SRV" to yes in the "line" tab setting; outbound proxy: SPA supports 5 hosts per SRV record. For more information, please refer to rfc#3263.  If you use "_sip._udp", you can enable "DNS SRV Auto Prefix" for the SPA to automatically prepend "_sip._udp." to the proxy name.

- As an alternative, you can set your DNS so that it has entry of which points to multiple IP addresses. This will give random dns resolution between the IPs with equal priority.

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