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Sipura SPA 3000


Device Configuration Guides
Sipura SPA3000 OneLine

Configure your SPA3000 to use your local line for local calls and InPhonex for national and international long distance using the same phone device. You will not need to dial 011 + country code. Dial using your own country's dial plan.

This configuration allows you to easily connect a SIPURA 3000 phone adaptor to combine your InPhonex account with your existing home phone number.  Make Free calls to other InPhonex members, save money on all of your long distance calls and keep your own phone number using one single phone adaptor that's easy to use and easy to install.  OneLine also lets you access your InPhonex account from your mobile phone so you can use it like you would use a phone card.

How it works:
Receive your phone calls to your local line in your country and your phone calls to your Virtual Number or DID in the same phone device.  When dialing a 7 or greater digit phone number, the SPA3000 will automatically access your PSTN line and make a local phone call.

  1. When dialing 9 + 0 + city code + phone number, the SPA3000 will place a national long distance call through your InPhonex account.
  2. When dialing 9 + 00 + country code + city code + phone number, the call will be placed using your InPhonex account.
  3. When dialing 9 + 7 digit number, your SPA3000 will call an InPhonex Virtual Number.
  4. When calling your PSTN line (local home line) from another phone or location the phone will ring for 30 seconds in which it the call could be answered. If the call is not answered the SPA3000 will beep and prompt you for your PIN. Just enter the PIN followed by the # sign. This way you can use your VOIP service no matter where you are in your city. When dialing 9 you will get a second and different dial tone; this is the confirmation that your call will be placed using your InPhonex account.

Connect your phone device to the PHONE port of the SPA 3000, then, connect your PSTN line (local land line) to the LINE port. Connect the Ethernet (network) cable to the ETHERNET port in order to connect the SPA 3000 to the internet. You must first determine what IP address it received. To do this, you need to pick up the phone attached to the Line 1 jack and

dial:   ****  (four asterisks)
then dial:   110 #

and you will be told the IP address of your device

Go to any browser equipped computer on your network and enter the address:

http://<IP ADDRESS>/

(where <IP ADDRESS> is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP 1).

Click on the "Admin Login" button near the top right side of the screen, then click on the "Line 1" tab.

Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration

You need to modify only a few parameters from the factory default. They are listed here:

Display Name:   Enter your full name, this will show up as part of your callerid.
User ID:   Enter the phone number you chose when you signed up for InPhonex service.
Password:   Enter the password that you chose when you signed up for InPhonex service.
Register Expires:   3600
Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration

Make the following changes to “Audio Configuration” :

Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration

Click on the “Advanced” link and then “Line1” again and replace the dial plan with the following one:

xxxxxxxxx.|<9,0:01155>xxxxxxxxx.|xxxxxxx.< :@gw0>)

Note: This sample dial plan uses Brazil's country code. To adapt this dial plan to your own country, change the  55 (Brazil country code) with your own country code.

Click on PSTN Line and make the following changes:
Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration

*Repeat STEP 4 but use a different 7 digit Virtual Number with its password. This is the account you will use to place phone calls via InPhonex when calling your PSTN line and after authenticating with your PIN.

Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration


  1. Enter a numeric PIN in PSTN Caller 1 PIN.
  2. Change the PSTN Answer Delay to 30 ( If the phone is not answered in 30 sec, the SPA3000 will prompt the caller for the PIN in order to grant him access to the VOIP line.)
  3. After entering the PIN dial #

Click on the "Submit All Changes" button at the bottom of the form.

Sipura SPA 3000 OneLine Configuration

Make calls!

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Our Home Phone Service includes Internet phones with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans. We offer prepaid phone service and International DID numbers using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops, telemarketing firms and cyber cafes. InPhonex is proud to support Internet telephony equipment (IP Phones) including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other SIP phone adaptors. We also support Asterisk PBX, Trixbox and offer turn-key VoIP Reseller business opportunities to let entrepreneurs and businesses resell voice over Internet (VoIP) under their brand name.

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