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Residential Users Click Here

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RingByNameRingByName is a revolutionary business tool that combines a hosted phone system, customer relationship management, and advanced desktop and smartphone interfaces to help businesses win and retain more customers. It's way more than a business phone service.

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SIP Trunking

Connect your PBX to our voice network and take advantage of our high quality international termination and DID phone numbers.  With InPhonex, you get the reliability you need at a competitive price.

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SIP Termination

InPhonex offers high quality SIP termination at a competitive price.  We offer free advanced features and a web based management interface along with the reliability you need to focus on your business and not your phone service provider.

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Telemarketing Firms

Telemarketing Firms can save money on all of their calls using an InPhonex VoIP account. We offer support of multiple phone lines, integration with Asterisk, on-premise PBX and other types of phone systems.

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Business Bulk Plans

Connect your Cyber Cafe or calling center to the InPhonex VoIP network and you can enjoy discounted calling and the billing system you need so you can bill in Real Time.  We offer up to 30% off these low rates and support your existing VoIP device. 

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Asterisk, Trixbox, PBX Users

Now you can simply connect a VoIP device to your PBX using an analog line. Benefit from all of the VoIP features like eVoicemail, online management of Voicemail, call history and more. 


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Business Unlimited
Price $49.95/mo

Offers a Business Phone Line with unlimited calls to the US and Canada. The plan includes a DID phone number from any US/Canada location we offer. Can be combined with our InPhonex Prepaid Call Credit to allow International Calls billed at the per minute rate of the International destination.  LEARN MORE »

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Toll-Free Unlimited
Price $54.95/mo

Includes unlimited incoming/outgoing calls to/from numbers within the US and Canada, one US/Canada Toll Free Number, and is available for use anywhere in the world you connect to the internet.  LEARN MORE »

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Resell our Services

Join resellers in over 150 countries and discover the power and profitability of the InPhonex Resale Program!


Our Home Phone Service includes Internet phones with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans. We offer prepaid phone service and International DID numbers using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops, telemarketing firms and cyber cafes. InPhonex is proud to support Internet telephony equipment (IP Phones) including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other SIP phone adaptors. We also support Asterisk PBX, Trixbox and offer turn-key VoIP Reseller business opportunities to let entrepreneurs and businesses resell voice over Internet (VoIP) under their brand name.

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